– Cheating or Hacking

Anyone who gets caught or is involved (team) will receive a ban.

– Glitching

This means you are not allowed to gain access in non playzone area (such as under the terrain or inside rocks)


Players found to be doing or suggesting this will receive an immediate ban.

– Toxic Behavior/Real Life Threats

Aggressive behavior is a part of normal gameplay in Rust. It crosses the line when racial or even real threats (tracking them down in real life) are beeing said, Please report them!

– Ban Evasion

If players are Gamebanned (Rust) or banned on the server they are not allowed to evade that ban and play again on a new account.

– Offensive Material

Signs depicting bigotry or offensive slurs can be removed by admins without warning, and further action(s) may ensue.

Staff Rules

If you feel someone in the staff team abused their power in any way, email: rustafied@gmail.com

Moderators do not participate in normal rust gameplay. They experience the world of rust on their alternate player accounts.