Ban Appeals

You got banned and want a second chance? Or you think your ban was a mistake?

 Fill out this formular and a senior moderator will take a look.


Map wipes are always on thursdays at 18:00 CEST.

Every first thursday of a month wipe will be after the update and the server is full wiping (Map + Blueprints).

Where can i vote for the next map?

We want that the community beeing involved and so you can always vote for the next map in our discord.

Maps are beeing posted Wednesday or Thursday before the wipe.

Is there a group limit?

No there is no group limit. We are full vanilla.

Want to join the team and moderate the server?

Note: There are times where we dont accept new applications but you can still go for it!

VIP is not working?

Make a ticket and it will get sorted out as fast as possible.