About us…

We are a vanilla game server for the survival game Rust; with a very dedicated and mature admin team.

European Survivors exists since early 2015 and has an increasing community which is, in our point of view, a helpful, consistent and highly competitive one. The feedback we get shows players enjoy that we provide active, communicative admins; good rules; community involved decisions; a good server; and, most importantly, a safe environment to play on.

Active admins and a community that keeps their eyes open is the way for the best server experience.
With the help of the community over the years, we managed a strong ban list and we also now got a shared bansystem with rustafied. This means even more cheaters or toxic players are getting filtert quickly.

Before starting to play on our server make sure to have a look at the rules! We have certain rules that are very important and will help to maintain the fun to play Rust for you and everyone else. Ignorance is not an valid excuse!

Thanks for reading and we hope you’ll have a great gaming experience on European Survivors!

Server information


  •  Xeon E3-1271v3 tuned to 4GHz x4

  • 32GB DDR3 ECC

  • 240GB SSD


  • Frankfurt, Germany

  • DDOS Protection

How to connect

Open console with F1 and type:



Filter the server list by European Survivors